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About the Organization

The Texas Music Library and Research Center (TMLRC) is a non-profit 501 (c)(3), music heritage, library services organization dedicated to the research, education, preservation, and exhibition of Texas music history. TMLRC has been qualified as a State official “Texas Museum of Music History” by the Texas State Legislature, Texas Department of Transportation and Federal Highway Administration pursuant to SB1, Article IX, Section 14.31, 79th Legislature.* The US Senate, the Federal Highway Administration, Texas Department of Transportation, Texas Historical Commission, Museum of American Music History/Texas Music Hall of Fame®, Western Heritage Historical Society, Hispanic Entertainment Archives, Texas Jazz Archives @ Houston Public Library, several distinguished universities, other regional, national and international entities have served in the development of the TMLRC program.

Texas Music Hall of Fame®

As a coalition of music families, private collectors and organizations with exquisite collections of Texas music, art, artifacts, recordings, photographs, film and music memorabilia, the museum program combines with other institutions dedicated to education and historical interpretations of Texas indelible cultural assets. TMLRC has developed several options to coordinate the State’s music history community into a hub-and-spoke network, a heritage trails program and visitor center. With the international tourist destination option, a hub facility would offer approximately 300,000sf of educational, exhibition, performing arts, merchandising, and food and beverage space. This master plan has the scope, definition and purpose to make Texas the Southwest component of a national chain of music museums. In an official “Texas Museum of Music History” program, the hub would serve as the state’s heritage trails gateway to over 20 music museums, 50 historic dance halls, over 120 music heritage historical markers and more.

Tammy Huerta Fender, daughter of Freddy Fender and Director of Artist Relations with TMLRC, is working with artists and music families to insure that their memorabilia, legacies and history remain in Texas. For more information contact Tammy Huerta Fender at [email protected] or [email protected]

Governor Perry vetoed the Office of the Governor’s designation authority when SB1100 did not pass (79th Legislature). That veto delegated designation of the Legislature’s “Texas Museum of Music History” provision to the eligibility determination process of the Texas Department of Transportation and Federal Highway Administration. Texas Music Library and Research Center completed this extensive vetting process in March 2012 and therewith earned the official State title. Members of the US Senate also vetted the program and authorized a federal determination from the U.S. Department of Transportation on June 21, 2012.