Construction Crews

The vision, generosity and countless music fans from around the world dictate that Texas pay tribute to one of its greatest national treasures: Texas music artists. As we prepare for the 85th Legislative session, we want to finally implement a State designation for Texas music history by establishing the music heritage tourism industry. This music industry proposal was introduced in the 84th Legislature with support from the Lt. Governor, Senate Members and the Texas Historical Commission.

The Texas Historical Commission was authorized by the legislature to administer the State’s heritage tourism program. Let’s show that the Texas music industry supports the Texas Historical Commission in adopting the Texas Music Hall of Fame program to honor Texas artists, music icons and events. When the Beyonces, Kelly Clarksons and LeAnn Rimes become music history, they’ll be honored to know your efforts insured their stakeholders’ position in a brand new industry.

Become a “Friend of the Texas Music History Trail” by joining one of the construction crews to build this new industry honoring Texas music!

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